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Bacanu Bogdan at NR Studio Cheltenham

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In a world where tattoo artists, street artists and djs are being tagged as delinquents, vandalisers, felons and law-breakers, we’re trying to show the good, wonderful things these people are creating, the hard work they put into their work in order to do what they love. And this is… creating art.


So, we introduce… Hustlin’ Vandals.

Bacanu Bogdan

Tattoo Style: Realistic, surrealism, black and gray


Bacanu Bogdan is a self-taught artist. He has come a long way from tattooing at just 16 years old with a homemade tattoo machine. Fast-forward to today Bogdan is one of our most popular artists specializing in realistic and surrealistic black and gray tattoos. Taking inspiration from traveling and photography he designs totally unique tattoos for his customers. Recently he opened NR Tattoo Studio in Bucharest. The studio offers young artists a chance to learn and grow as tattoo artists. While other so-called tattoo schools can charge up to 5000 euros, the tuition at NR Tattoo is free, but it requires serious drawing skills in order to get admitted. Graduates also have the opportunity to move to the UK and work for one of the other studios in the group

The studio is home to experienced artists, who work closely with the customer in order to create high-quality unique designs, in either black & gray or old school, new school, neotraditional, realism etc. NR Studios is a tattoo studio concept created in 2008 in the UK, hosting award-winning artists from all over the world, as guests or residents.




















1| NR Tattoo’s Essentials






2| Your favorite clothing brands?

Volcom, Krack.

3| What are your favorite TV-Shows?

What’s a tv?

4| Favorite Music Albums?

Craig Pruess – Divine Chants of Shiva

Karunesh – Call of the Mystic

Thievery Corporation – The Cosmic Game

5| Who are your favorite artists?

Tattoo: Matthew James

Street Art: Bordalo II

Music: Craig Pruess


You can contact Bogdan at NR Studio Cheltenham on their Facebook or Website or at +40 720 952 433.

Remember to follow Bacanu and NR Studio Cheltenham on their social medias!


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