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David Beckham Tattoos

David Beckham is known for many things, one among them being his tattoos. He has been getting tattoos for many years now, his first being in 1999. They show his love for soccer and his family, as well as the struggles he has had being an international celebrity. Here we look at five of his tattoos that are special and unique.


“Brooklyn” – It was Beckham’s first tattoo, which he got in 1999. He had the word inked across his lower back after the birth of his first son, whose name is also Brooklyn.

The name is inked in English in black lettering. The lettering is a stylized Gothic script and looks unique as well as attractive. It was done by a Dutch tattoo artist who was recommended by Mel B’s then husband Jimmy Gulzar, whose back tattoos were David’s inspiration for this tattoo.


“VII” – Beckham has a large tattoo of seven in Roman numerals on the inside of his right forearm. He considers seven to be his lucky number. He has a jersey number 7 for both England and Manchester UnitedHe got this tattoo in 2003. Years later, his daughter and fourth child, Harper, was born, whose middle name is also Seven. His jersey number seems to be an inspiration behind both, the name and the tattoo.


“Chinese Proverb” – In 2008, Beckham got a tattoo on the left side of his torso while he was in Hong Kong. It is a long tattoo (a Chinese proverb) that goes from just below his left armpit right down to his left hip bone.

It is one of the classiest tattoos he has till date. The tattoo style is different, and is unlike any popular technique used for tattooing. The tattoo looks like it has been lightly brushed over his skin, and is a technique unique to Hong Kong.


‘Victoria in Lingerie” – Beckham loves his wife, Victoria, and his multiple tattoos about and for her are a proof of this love. One of the most beautiful Victoria tattoos is a six-inch recreation of a Brigitte Bardot-style photograph of Victoria in lingerie that he liked from a magazine shoot that she had done as a Spice Girl. He got the tattoo in 2007.

After it drew criticism from school officials in the UK for being inappropriate and provocative, Beckham modified it to add a star and the text “forever by your side” beneath the existing tattoo.


These tattoos are an integral part of who David Beckham is and his attitude towards life. It shows his love, angst, sadness and joy during various times of his life.


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