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Do you regret your tattoo? If you are considering a cover-up, you should read this!

This article was written by Sorry Mom ambassador Daniel Paarup. For original version in Danish, visit Daniel's Facebook page here.

 Okay. Today I want to touch a topic that I encounter enormously at the moment. People have gotten tattoos they are not satisfied with, or have completely regretted.
 I do not do cover-ups myself. Simply because I am so privileged to have lots of people who write they want “fresh” tattoos, and it does not interest me. But here are some thoughts and advise about what I think you should do if you are in a situation where you have taken a hasty decision, or your tattoo artist haven’t performed to the standard you’d hoped.

Basically, there are 4 things you can do:

  1. Learn to live with it
  2. Get a cover-up
  3. Get it removed
  4. Make it brighter with a couple of laser treatments and get a cover-up

The only option I want to talk about is an option that, in my view, is not practiced enough! It is option number 4!

A lot of people writes to me, regarding their tattoos they regret, and want covered, and when I suggest a few laser treatments beforehand, it is often not an option because it is too expensive. This is where it falls apart for me, and this is where I decided to write this article.

First of all, one needs to see the truth. The person has at some point either been stingy, impatient, or made a bad decision. By that I mean that the person has wanted his tattoo quickly or cheap. Perhaps both, and at the same time, not done their research properly in relation to finding a skilled tattoo artist. Then, the decision was that the tattoo artist on the corner without waiting time and at half the price were the man for the job, instead of him you saw on Instagram, with 8 months of waiting.

Creating a cover-up without the customer goes to a laser treatment beforehand, narrows the tattooist creativity EXTREMELY! You get almost nothing to say in terms of what needs to be done because the tattoo artist is forced to make a design with a lot of black color in the right places, it becomes almost impossible to get your wishes fulfilled. Black ink is NOT covered with other colors than black.

“But Daniel, I’ve seen a lot of pictures on Instagram of gorgeous cover-ups, where colors easily could cover some of the darker colors.” I believe you have. So have I. But ask yourself, how many of the pictures you have seen was a picture where the tattoo had healed 100%?
 Guaranteed not many, for it cannot be done. It WILL come through! Especially for your eye! You are used to look at the regretted tattoo, which is still in there behind somewhere.

In the article, I have attached a picture of a tattoo made by a skilled tattoo artist, and a very clever customer who was willing to invest in to make up for his bad decision. It is not healed up, but I think it visualize very clearly that the tattoo artist can create bright beautiful soft shadows, where there has been laser, something that would NEVER have been possible with the black that was there before. His creativity here is not constrained by all the black from the old tattoo. It made it possible to deliver a much nicer result.



Accept the fact that you’ve made a bad decision once. Invest in a decent product before, you once again, are faced with a product you are not satisfied with.

Be smart! Have a good day!
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