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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Tattoos

Dwayne Johnson is more famously known as “The Rock” from his WWF days in the ring. It has been a while though since he left that career to make a name for himself in Hollywood. With a range of movies in different genres, from comedy to action and drama, Johnson has proven himself to be a versatile actor. He has Samoan heritage on his mother’s side and he proudly shows it off through his tattoos.


“The Sun of Good Luck” – The tattoo is right near his neck on the left side. It is said to bring good fortune to the person who has this symbol on him/her, according Samoan culture and beliefs. This is one of the many tattoos that Johnson got done during his marathon tattooing session.


“Three in One” – Just below the tattoo of the sun on his shoulder, there is an image of a man standing with his arms spread wide. This, says Johnson, represents him. The image then continues down from his shoulder to his chest, where there are images of two more people, which he explains, are his wife and his daughter.    The tattoo represents that he is always connected to and one with his family, and loves them dearly.


“Sign of the Times” – There is a circular pattern of descending swirls on his back, that then continues to his upper arm. This pattern, in Samoan, culture, represents the past, present and the future. The image continues under his arm, where it is explained in these words – “It changes in the place where it is found to be gone.”


“The Raging Bull” – The tattoo of a bull on his right bicep represents his Zodiac sign according to the western calendar, the Taurus. It is a long horned bull with bright red flaming eyesIt is a striking tattoo that shows his belief in the Zodiac system.


“The Warrior” – It is the massive tattoo that Johnson has on his chest. It covers his entire left chest and is a circular design with intricate detailing. The design represents struggle and overcoming difficulties and obstacles in life to emerge stronger and more successful.

The tattoo shows the struggles that Johnson has faced over the years and his fight to rise above others and emerge as the winner has made him stronger. The tattoo represents his resilience that he has developed in his life.

The collection of tattoos that form one large beautiful pattern on his left shoulder and torso took a whopping 60 hours to finish. He got the whole design done in three 20-hour sittings. However, the results are for everyone to see, and it looks absolutely beautiful, an intricate work of art with a lot of meaning and goodness symbolized in it.

Dwayne Johnson’s love for his family and his rich cultural heritage can be clearly seen in his beautiful Samoan inspired tattoos that cover a good part of his left upper body.


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