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How do you know if a tattooist is good? Here are a few advices!

This article was written by Sorry Mom ambassador Daniel Paarup. For original version in Danish, visit Daniel's Facebook page here.

How do you know if a tattooist is good? Often, when I meet people and they comment on how great they think my work is, I always stop them and says: “Then you should see this guy!”
 Then I show them the real talented guys work on Instagram.
 Though, I have been tattooing for about 7 years, I still get impressed with how talented some are.
 But if you haven’t tattooed for 7 years or is actively on social medias, how do you know about a tattoo artist is good or not?
 Here are a few tweaks on how to find a tattooist, if you do not quite know what to look for.

Pleases the tattooist’s work your eye?

The brain is much more intelligent than you think! Although you do not know much about drawing techniques, you can easily see if anything looks genuine or not. See for yourself on the image below.


"You get what you pay for!" (Tattoo on the right is made by Steve Wimmer from USA)

You can necessarily not tell why, but you can see which one is the most beautiful.
 So, compare your tattooist’s work with a lot of others!
 If it pleases your eye, then you have probably found the right, IF he or she abides by the following rules.

Search for healed photos!

I still to this day, get surprised at how incredibly beautiful tattoos can be made, and at the same time look hideous when it is healed, even though it was so nice when it was just made.
 I have seen cases where extremely recognized artist’s work does not heal so well up.
 So rule number one folks! Always look for healed images where the artist post his or her work. It is way too few who does it, but it’s important!

How long is the tattooist's wating time?

Skilled tattoo artists will always be busier than the local and typically unknown tattoo shop on the corner. So, have your tattoo artist a longer waiting time, then it is only a good sign.
 Turn up your patience and wait! Even if you want the tattoo right now, just forget it! Stop trying be so busy!
 Wait until he or she has time!

So rule number one folks! Always look for healed images where the artist post his or her work.

The price will likely be higher!

The skilled tattooist will typically also be more expensive than average. It’s simple business strategy.
 When there is a high demand, the price will rise. See it as a sign of high quality. Use the extra waiting time to save a little extra money up. What we are discussing here, is permanent! The extra waiting time and the extra money will certainly be worth it!
 It is also important to look for a tattoo artist who specializes in the style you’re looking for. Very few tattooists are working in several styles! So, does the tattooist work with realistic black’n’grey, then don’t ask for an old-school tattoo in full color! Find a tattoo artist who makes cool old-school in colors!
 As I still have your attention with this topic, I will emphasize something. There is not something called – far away in Denmark. Location should never decide which tattoo artist to choose! Even if the artist is in the farthest north and you are from the deep south. Drop it, borrow a car or buy the damn train tickets. Be stubborn to get tattooed by the right, instead of stubborn to get the tattoo right away.
 People come from England, Germany, Norway and Sweden to get tattooed by me. And I’m not even one of the high rollers in the industry. Lots of people are willing to travel far to get tattooed by the right artist. That thinking and respect should be implemented in all! I travel to the US to get tattooed by the right artist.

Be smart! Have a good weekend!

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