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Johnny Depp Tattoos

Johnny Depp has, over the years made a name for himself, not just for being a celebrated actor, but also for his eccentricities. Many of his movies also show the eccentric side of the actor. He has always been someone who seems to have followed his heart and not cared about how people interpret his words and actions. His many tattoos are further proof of his eccentricity. Here are five of his well-known inks.


“Native American” – Depp created a lot of controversy when he said that he guesses he has some Native Indian ancestry, and this tattoo was his way of showing the world what he thought. The tattoo was his first one and he got it way back in 1980. It is an Indian head on the outside of his right bicep.

The tattoo is that of a Cherokee Indian chief’s head with a full typical headgear. He got it done by a tattoo artist in Long Island, California.


“Wino Forever” – The tattoo was inked when Depp was dating actress Winona Ryder. It looks like a flying banner on his right upper arm, above the Indian head tattoo. He later had it changed to “Wino Forever” by erasing the letters “n” and “a” through laser correction.

He got the tattoo changed “Wino Forever” after he broke up with the actress a few years later, but never erased it completely or got it covered.


“Lily Rose” – It is the name of his daughter. Lily Rose Melody is his daughter, and he got a tattoo to express the love he feels for his daughter. Each letter is made up of tiny rose buds.

Depp got the tattoo inked on his chest a little above his heart. He explains that it is his way of saying that he holds his daughter Lily close to his heart.


“The Crow” – Johnny Depp shares the exact tattoo of the crow with a few other Hollywood actors. He said that it is a tribute to the film The Crow released in 1994, where a murdered man comes back to life.

Depp believes that if and when somebody ever comes back to life from the dead, it is always the crow that brings them back into the world.


“Jack Sparrow” – The tattoo was a sort of a tribute to his movie, Pirates of the Caribbean - Curse of the Black Pearl. There is, however, one difference. In the tattoo shown in the movie, the sparrow flies away from Jack, while in this tattoo on the inside of his right forearm, it flies towards him. Jack is also the name of his son.

The tattoo has a sparrow flying towards him with the word Jack underneath. Depp says that the sparrow signifies his son Jack, who was born in 2002.

Johnny Depp has always done as he pleases, and has had many pleasant and unpleasant experiences in his personal and public life because of it. His tattoos represent these ups and downs of his life as he sees them.


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