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Popular Tattoos And Their Meanings

Tattoos are becoming increasingly popular, with people of both sexes and all ages going and getting themselves inked. Although tattooing has been around since centuries, if not longer, designs people choose today are very different and unique. Some are inspired by ancient cultures and traditions, while some are modern and abstract designs.

These are a few designs that are quite common and people from different parts of the world are often seen sporting variations of these designs and symbols. What do these symbols really mean?

Tear drop – This, at some point, was a symbol to tell the world that you had committed murder. However, its meaning has changed over the years and now it may mean that you have lost someone close to you and signifies grief, sorrow and loss of a loved one.


Lil Wayne and his teardrops

Anchor – It signifies security, being grounded and down to earth, and used to be a symbol used by sailors and people in the navy. It may be designed to include other symbols and elements like water, hearts, or lettering.


Our Sorry Mom Logo on Carlos Costa

Angels and angel wings – Angels are seen as protectors and as a connection to the spiritual world. They denote protection, safety and a feeling of being guarded. Women may get full female angels while men usually prefer angel wings or masculine angelic designs.


Footballer Stephen Ireland and his angel wings

Butterfly – This is one of the most common designs preferred by women. It signifies change, transition, passage of time, beauty, and immortality. It may be designed as a single small butterfly, or a few butterflies flying in a pattern.


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Dragon – The dragon symbol has its origins is Asia and is known for its psychic powers. It denotes strength, ferocity, raw power, wealth, prosperity and as a being that controls natural elements. It is usually denoted with the element of fire or water.


By Jaime Tud

Eagles and falcons – They are both large predatory birds known for their ferocity and power. The symbols denote strength, focus, freedom, vision, loyalty and honor. They may at tomes be combined with the element of fire and represented as flying or screeching in attack mode.


By Myke Chambers

Hearts – This is by far the most popular tattoo of all times. As you can possibly guess, it signifies love, adoration, passion, deep friendship and care. It may be denoted as pierced with arrows or bleeding for a broken heart, or black to denote negativity or grief.


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Roses – This is another very popular design among both men and women. It denotes passion, love, virility, beauty, wealth, but could also be sued to signify dark love, pain experienced from love and such other negative emotions.


By Martin Rothe

Skulls – This symbol used to be part of pirate flags, the skull and cross bones. It signifies death, mortality, danger, but has also come to mean power, protection, victory over death, courage and survival. It is usually preferred by men.

 By John Maxx

Stars – The phrase “stars in your eyes” explains this symbol the best. It denotes, dreams, ambition and aspirations. Shooting star represent luck and special moments in life.  Five pointed stars could mean balance or evil. Stars could also mean belief, achievement and stability.


Rihanna's star tattoo

Dream catcher – This is a symbol popular mostly with women. It is a symbol that is believed to catch all the dreams that come to you. It then traps all the bad dreams and lets the good dreams pass through so that they can come to you again and again. Many celebrities got this symbol inked, contributing to its popularity.


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Sun – The sun is a source of immense amount of heat and light. This symbol denotes strength, power, virility, youth, knowledge and wisdom. Celtic and tribal motifs may be used to stylize this symbol and make it unique.


Adam Levine has a big tattoo of a sun on his chest

Moon – It is a philosophical symbol that denotes purity, eternity, divinity, wisdom and subtlety. Moonlight is known for being cool and illuminating and denotes your calm and composed nature, inner strength and a connection to the divine.


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Swords and daggers – Swords were used in battle and war. Now, daggers represent the weapon so popular in olden times. It signifies strength, power, bravery, courage, justice, honor, freedom from bondage, wisdom and purification.

 By Myke Chambers

Musical symbols and notes – This is a very popular symbol among both, music lovers and musicians of all kinds. It shows your passion for the art and could include notes, instruments and their parts, along with other elements taken from nature, like trees, leaves and flowers to show how music connects you with the earth.


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Animals – Tattoos of wild animals – faces, snarling portraits or in attack mode – are quite popular. Animals frequently chosen by people include lions, tigers wolves and snakes. They denote strength, raw power, cunning, skill, wisdom, ferocity, freedom and courage.

 By Klaus Mose

Flowers, leaves and trees – These are tattoos popular among those who love the outdoors, have a strong connect with nature and find them stunning. They can denote cycle of life and death, rebirth and procreation, among other things. Popular flowers are rose, lotus, orchid, cherry blossom and wisteria.


By Carola Deutsch

Birds – Bird symbols and designs essentially signify freedom, peace, strength, courage and love of travel. Birds popular with tattooists and tattoo enthusiast include dove, eagle, owl, falcon, swallow, and the mythical phoenix. You can also get a peacock or other bird feathers tattooed instead of an entire bird.

 By Radu Rusu

Dragonfly – The dragonfly’s life is very short and lasts only a few hours. This symbol denotes the life cycle and the passage of time. It is a reminder to live in the moment, because life is short, follow the concept of carpe diem. It may be combined with other elements like fairies, butterflies and angels.


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Religious chants and symbols – These are chants that you may find powerful, or symbols that represent your religious and spiritual beliefs. They may be sued as they are, or stylized to look unique with specialized fonts and lettering.


 David Beckham's cross with wings


As you can see, some symbols and designs express emotions, some signify a time period in life, while some tell the world who you are as a person. These symbols have deep meaning and having the on your person can deeply impact you, so choose wisely and pick one that really signifies you.


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