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Rihanna Tattoos

Rihanna has always been seen and known as the wild child of the music world. She has stood out for experimenting with bold looks as well as for her unique and often rebellious tattoos. She has over 20 tattoos on her body already, and continues to add to these designs ever so often. Here, we take a look at four of her popular tattoos and what they stand for:


“Egyptian Goddess” – When Rihanna’s beloved grandmother Ciara Brathwaite, who she fondly called Dolly, passed away due to cancer, Rihanna got a tattoo across her chest. She got it in 2012 at a studio in London.

The tattoo is of the Egyptian Goddess and Guardian Angel Isis. In the tattoo, the angel is kneeling down, sitting upright and has her wings spread wide. The tattoo is a huge one, and is almost as wide as her chest.



“Trailing Stars” – It is a stunning tattoo of stars, which she got in 2008. It starts at the nape of her neck and extends all the way down to her right shoulder blade. An artist in LA started the tattoo as a few stars at the nape of her neck. Her favorite tattoo artist from New York, Bang Bang, then finished the tattoo by adding many more stars as a trial flowing down her back.

It is one of the most visible and famous tattoos that she has till date. It represents shooting stars and how they make wishes come true.


“Motto for Life” – She got her thirteenth tattoo in 2009. It was apparently done at 2 in the morning, again by Bang Bang at his New York studio. The tattoo reads “Never a failure, always a lesson” in cursive writing. It has been inked backwards so that she can read it to herself in the mirror.

Rihanna says that the tattoo is an inspiration and her motto for life. It has been helping her deal with failure reaching where she is today, and after she became a star as well.


“Falcon Handgun” – Given her apparent love for guns, Rihanna got a tattoo on the inside of her right ankle that extends to her lower leg. The falcon has its wings spread in such a way that the image looks like a handgun. She got the tattoo in 2012.

The image of the falcon seems to be inspired by a faience falcon, a 2300-year old exhibit on display at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art.  

Rihanna’s tattoos are an intrinsic part of her public persona. People know her as much for her style and music as for her varied tattoos.


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