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Ten Tattoo Ideas for Men’s Arms


Arms are one of the most tattooed parts of the body. Most people who want to get bigger tattoos start with the arms, usually the outer part of the upper arms. For men, it is also a great way to enhance the sharpness of musculature in the arms. Any design can be tattooed just about anywhere, but there are some that look best when tattooed on the arms.

Design ideas for men to tattoo their arms

These are a few unique and interesting design ideas for men who wish to tattoo their arms. These designs can be used by themselves or can inspire you to create designs of your own, using the symbols mentioned here.

Lions and tigers – Lions and tigers mainly symbolize strength. The lion design is a well-known design among tattooist, as it contains many details. But, remember only to get the head of a lion or tiger tattooed as the whole creature will not be a fitting design for any parts of your body.

 By Georgi K

Old School designs – This is not one design, however, combining multiple Old School designs, will defiantly do the trick for an awesome arm sleeve. If you are not quiet set on one design to go for, this will be the perfect solution!

 By Myke Chambers

Animals – Animals snarling, bearing their teeth breathing fire or leaving a trail of fire in their path are popular ideas used by men to signify strength, courage, ferocity and ambition. Alternatively, they may also have a calm animal face looking straight out.

By Gunnar V

Stylized cartoon characters – It is great for you if you are quirky, unique and love to experiment. You can choose any cartoon character you like, and ask your tattoo artist to build a design using the character.

 By Jamie Hawkes

Dragon wrapped around arm – A serpentine dragon wrapping around the arm multiple times, sometimes breathing fire is a great twist to the typical arm band tattoo. You can stylize the dragon using Celtic or other tribal symbolic lines.

 By Jaime Tud

Angel wings – Although angel tattoos are considered to be typically feminine, you can get a beautiful angel wing from the shoulder right up to the wrist or forearm. You can keep it in shades of black and gray or make it more angular for a more masculine appearance.

 By Emanuel Oliveira

Skulls and roses – These are designs deriving from pirate symbols of skulls, crossbones and roses. Roses can look masculine even on their own.

 By Martin Rothe

Geometric designs – You can design a tattoo with simple geometric designs, or play around with lines to create complex weaves and patterns. Angular, intricate designs can be created by you or your tattooist once he/she understands what you want.

 By Skin Korpus

Portraits – You can use an actual photograph to recreate someone close to you, either living or otherwise. It can be a special way of telling someone how much you love them. It can also include their name or nickname.

 By Pedi

Maori – One of the oldest designs in tattooing history. It origins trace back to New Zealand, but is now a part of everyday tattooing all over the world. It is difficult to tell the true meaning of Maori designs, but remember, every symbol has a meaning and value, coming from ancient tribe traditions.

 By Jaime Tud


Men’s tattoos are always thought to be tough and dark, but there are a number of ideas that show their quirky, fun or gentle side as well. Explore various designs, symbols and ideas and choose a design that truly defines you, rather than something that is considered to be right for men.


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