Sorry Mom Tattoo Film


Regenerative tattoo film for fresh tattoos

– Waterproof
– Breathable
– Easy to measure and apply
– Perfect for an active lifestyle

This packaging is made of recycled materials. Please recycle it as well and contribute to a cleaner planet. 

Recommended by tattoo professionals worldwide

Top liner: Polyethylene Terephthalate
Center PU: Polyurethane
Adhesive: Loctite Duro-Tak 129 A
Bottom liner: Glassing Paper

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
This stuff is awesome!!!

I've used other "derms" and films but they are hard to place and feel super thin. Sorry mom tattoo film gas a see through grid on both sides making placement easy peasy andbits thicker than other films as well!! I thought nothing could be better than the tattoo balm but I was so I wrong!! Thank you again Sorry Mom!!!

Where has Sorry Mom been all my life!

Best tattoo healing experience EVER. Wish I had this product when I started my sleeve. Used film and balm on large tattoo on the back of my neck and it healed in record time with VERY LITTLE itching and zero problems. Balm really does help to bring out colors of older tattoos as well and I will be using the Film on all tattoos going forward. Truly amazing products! Note I had no fall off issue at all and no negative reaction to the film at all.

Doesn’t Stand Up With Similar Brands

At the behest of a coworker,i made an order to try some of the tattoo film and was severely disappointed. Ive used similar films in the past to great success, but i had every client i use it on say the same exact thing, that it all just fell off within 24 hours. I noticed multiple times when applying it, the product stand to come off the skin and had to put bigger pieces on just to get it to stick a little.


Sorry Mom Tattoo Film

Tattoo film

This stuff is amazing! It keeps the tattoo protected in the most important stage of healing. Definitely will continue to use!

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