Regenerative balm for perfect healing results! 

We always recommend our balm, for the healing process of a new tattoo. 
The product is created in close collaboration with tattoo artist around the world, and we believe the product insures a quick and optimized healing. 

The balm is regenerative and protective and enriched with anti-bacterial additives. 
Remember, a new tattoo is like an open wound. It needs care and attention, until it is healed. Like a wound, a tattoo can get scared if it doesn't receive the right treatment. 

During the healing process, it is normal to experience irritation and itching. 

 Helps prevent irritation and itching
– Is anti-inflammatory and calming

How to use

You should always only use a thin layer of our balm. This is extremely important, as our balm is very thick. 
Your tattoo needs to be able to breathe. 
You have applied enough balm, when you are unable to see the balm after it has been applied.

When you apply the balm, use a smooth and circular motion. Be careful not to scratch of the peeling. T

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