Original Tattoo Balm™


Award-winning balm for regeneration and protection of new tattoos.

Our original formula Tattoo Balm. Developed for a hassle-free and fast healing process.

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Young Ji

Original Tattoo Balm™

Carlos Licon
Love the balm

This balm is awesome. With a small amount, you are able to get the moisture and protection you need, without being too greasy and getting your clothes dirty. This most recent tattoo is the most vibrant and darkest I’ve had after healing. I look forward to using this for the rest of my tattoos.

John Ryan

Original Tattoo Balm™

Taneisha Brown
Worth it!

First time trying this and it's been over a month now--I'm really pleased with it. It definitely helped with the dryness and itchiness, and I didn't need to reapply it a lot throughout the day like I would have aquaphor. Really happy I tried it

Debra McGivney
Amazing Stuff!

I had trouble getting my very colorful tattoo to heal. I had several spots where a large amount of skin peeled off leaving oozing areas not being able to heal. Special clear covering l was given that was
like tagaderm didn't stay on with this large heavily colored tattoo. It stayed on fine with the previous outline for this tattoo. This time It oozed so much ink and serum it would leak through edges and peel off. Finally I remember remembered non stick gauze, because to this point everytime I removed bandage no matter how much I moistened it for removal it peeled scabs off. Combining using non stick gauze placed over oozing areas and cleansing with the special antibacterial soap from another company then applying the balm after which I covered lightly with cling gauze repeating 2-3x a day it healed within a week with little damage to colored area that was peeled off and helped reduce itching as well. Aquaphor was useless. I will use this combo again if I decide to get tattoo #3.

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